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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Photography and Cinematography

One of the challenges to spend less for your wedding is to find the lower spending for memory pictures and videos. Sometime, it is not about spending a lot for those memory frames and animations, but the understanding of the film maker(s) who cannot afford to accomplish it in the Khmer context. Thus, to solve […]

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Wedding Services for Oversea Cambodians

Khmer traditional wedding requires authentic traditional modes of obligation. Saying this, some families and couples have chosen to follow full procedures of the complete traditional wedding of Cambodia. Legendary, the groom must serve the bride’s family in months or in years in order to be considered for marrying with their daughter. After the two partners […]

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Khmer Wedding Outfits

These are different types of dresses according to Khmer tradition for bride and groom to wear during their wedding ceremony. It is the footstep of the Ancient Khmer style. They looks delicate, colorful, attractive and silky.

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Khmer Wedding in Nutshell

HISTORY A Khmer wedding symbolizes the beautiful legend of the origin of Cambodia and parallels the marriage of the first Khmer prince, Preah Thong, to the Naga princess, Neang Neak. The prince was a foreigner exiled from his homeland and during his travels encountered and fell in love with the Naga princess. As a marriage […]

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Achar or the Wedding Officiant

The Clergy Manual Clergy must regularly help to guide the Dhamma teaching, ritual performing and practicing the following activities. If a clergy neglected or violated the fundamental five precepts, she/he will be warned, or disciplined, or dismissed eventually. I. Sila Precepts Undertaking  Clergy must follow Five Precepts as their Code of Conduct for daily life. […]

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Wedding Plan

Part of the Wedding Ceremony, pre-arrangement is very detailed according to Khmer traditional norm and practice. Sometime, there are more concerns on appropriate date and time of the wedding; but in general, people have determined depending on the limit of resources and budget. Few tips to think about for your wedding plan: Wedding date: it is […]

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