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Wedding Services for Oversea Cambodians

Khmer traditional wedding requires authentic traditional modes of obligation. Saying this, some families and couples have chosen to follow full procedures of the complete traditional wedding of Cambodia. Legendary, the groom must serve the bride’s family in months or in years in order to be considered for marrying with their daughter. After the two partners agreed on the marrying possibility, the maid-woman or maid-man, is on their errand to court the bride’s parents about the wedding arrangement, endowment, gifts and procedures. After setting up the exact suitable date, the wedding day generally comprises of following agendas:

  1. Pithi Sdey Dondeng = Engagement (could be happened many months or years prior to exact date of wedding.
  2. Pithi Hae Koan Komloh = Groom’s Procession
  3. Pithi Beh Pkaa Slaa = Collecting flower of bitter-nut
  4. Pithi Krong Peali or Pithi Sen Doan Taa = Recall for the Spirit of Ancestors and Owners of the Land and Space
  5. Pithi Soat Moan = Blessing from the Bhikkhu monks
  6. Pithi Bok Leak = Body ornament making or grinding ritual
  7. Pithi Kat Sak = Hair cut or cleansing ritual
  8. Pithi Leang Chheurng = Feet washing or cleansing ritual
  9. Pithi Bang Chat Mdai = Honoring the Parents with Umbrella
  10. Pithi Bongvel Popil = Passing candle for blessing to new couples
  11. Pithi Sompeah Ptem = Knot typing ceremony
  12. Pithi Preah Thong Tong Sbai = Scarf’s tossing to farewell the new couple
  13. Pithi Sii-leang = Banquette reception

Modern day, there are changes and flexibility of each wedding according to time, resources and budget and places. In Cambodia, many wedding ceremonies have tried to maintain the originality. But in abroad, some Cambodian couples have chosen to go with mainstream tradition and culture, or many families and couples have tried to maintain the “Khmer Wedding” for the dignity of their families, married life and value of belief, tradition and culture.

Thus, in order to adapt to new circumstance in this third world country, generally, the wedding will be comprised following agendas:

    1. Pithi Pcheap Peak = Engagement or Ring Exchange
    2. Pithi Dong-hae Kon Komloh = Groom’s Procession

    3. Pithi Sot-moan and Sen Doan Taa = Blessing from Bhikkhu Monks and Recall the Spirit of Ancestors
    4. Pithi Kat Sok and Sirey-suosday = Hair cut and cleansing out all bad lucks
    5. Pithi Bongvel Popil = Candle Passing for Blessing
    6. Pithi Sompeah Ptem and Chong-dai = Honored coupling and knot tying

    7. Pithi Preah Thong Tong Sbai = Tossing the Groom’s Scarf.

Knowledgeable and respectful Achar will demonstrate the above schedules tentatively, in short or detailed, according to the available time and space.

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