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Our Services

  • Marriage Planning

    Whether traditional suitable date for marriage inquired, or legal implication of new couple required, or preparation for the wedding materialized, or Achar Buddhist Clergy needed to solemnize for the family dignity, we serve all those needs.

  • Achar Buddhist Clergy

    I ordained 15 years to learn and practice Buddha's teachings including various traditional practices of Achar. I am confident to bring about bless, memory and harmony to your new wedding couple within all traditional and religious ceremonies.

  • Photography and Cinematography

    As wedding is happened only one time in a life of Cambodian couple, the preparation for photography and cinematography is crucial. We can help that through our full understanding on how Khmer people would need.

  • Wedding Outfits

    Khmer wedding is a joyous, animated and colorful event. Traditional outfits and dresses reflecting in different tunes and themes of each session required different melodies of traditional music and colorful silk clothing. We put effort to help with that for the aesthetic beauty and satisfaction of the wedding.

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