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Wedding Plan

Part of the Wedding Ceremony, pre-arrangement is very detailed according to Khmer traditional norm and practice. Sometime, there are more concerns on appropriate date and time of the wedding; but in general, people have determined depending on the limit of resources and budget.

Few tips to think about for your wedding plan:

  1. Wedding date: it is imperative to choose variety of available date suitable for both couple, parents, friends, guests, and all participants. In Western working schedule, Saturday, Sunday or Long Weekend, are considered the best and luckiest day to conduct Wedding Ceremony. There are ironic belief in day and date to be predicted by Achar in Khmer tradition, but it might work well in Cambodia while “the fortunate and lucky day wholly depends on words, action and thought of individuals in the pursue of their daily life – according to the Teaching of Lord Buddha”.
  2. Wedding Logistics: It is imperative to consult with Achar and obtaining an knowledgeable and registered Achar who could both solemnize your wedding and register your legal marriage certificate according to the legal requirement of Western countries. You must also plan well to having Khmer traditional outfit dresses, photography, and reception.
  3. Budget: it is imperative to think ahead of your very limited budgetary resource. In Cambodia, sometime there are high demand from bride’s parents to spend luxuriously to honor their daughter and family. But at the present, this demand has been in balance as both bride and groom could be able to communicate well in budgeting their ceremony prior to wedding day. A good Achar will help you to minimize spending but raising up luxurious and ceremonious wedding for your couple. 

For the sake of family honor and long lasting married life, we can help you both to save money and maintain cultural value.

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